Dr. Taylor Cortez - Veterinarian


Dr. Cortez was raised in Edmond, Oklahoma.

She graduated from Oklahoma State’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2016. She met her husband in veterinary school and after graduating they moved to Texas together. She spent the first part of her career in small animal general practice where she gained experience in all areas of medicine. She also served as a chief of staff for several hospitals in the DFW area.

Her father is a human oral surgeon and Dr. Cortez worked in his practice prior to attending vet school. After several years as a companion animal veterinarian, she found her calling in veterinary dentistry and oral surgery. That passion led to her becoming a dental resident under Dr. Jessica Johnson, DVM, DAVDC. Dr. Cortez is now working her way through the residency program and is committed to high-quality dental care of dogs and cats. She is passionate about oral medicine, and is currently researching uniquely aggressive oral tumors in young dogs.

During her spare time, Dr. Taylor Cortez enjoys reading, kickboxing, horseback riding and playing board games with her husband. She loves hanging out at home with her son, husband and two dogs – Glen (whippet) and Nova (silken windhound). Both she and her husband share a love of all sighthounds and over the years have also owned Italian Greyhounds and Borzoi. They love long-nosed doggos!